The Team

First Look was created by coaches that believe technology can help bridge the gaps in our society.

Collectively, we have seven years of playing experience at the Division I level, six years of coaching experience at the Division I and II levels, and over twenty years of experience in the technology space.

  • Justin
    Justin Aquilante

    Only Sleeps when Necessary

    Play: SS – George Mason University (‘99), UNC Greensboro (‘00 & 01)

    Coach: Assistant Coach – West Chester University (02 & ’03)

    Work: 4 years Athlete Representation,13+ years in Event Management

  • Jason
    Jason Aquilante

    Obsessed with reading

    Play: 2B/C - Wake Forest University ('01)

    Coach: Assistant Coach - College of William & Mary ('02 & '03)

    Work: 12+ Years in IT 

  • Rick
    Rick Castorani

    I walk a lot.

    Play: Ultimate Frisbee, Appalachain Trail '18

    Work: 3+ Years in Event Management, 12+ Years in IT

  • Jenn
    Jenn Palella
    Customer Success

    Knew the answer before you asked the question

    Play: Football Mom

    Work: 10+ years in Event Management