Be seen.

Opportunity starts with your first look.

Eliminate the boundaries keeping you from being seen by college coaches nationally. First Look makes it easier for all baseball players get feedback from coaches to improve their skills.

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Put recruiting in its place

We believe in player choice. Start here where we focus on improving your game first. We are virtual camp, not a recruiting service.

Improve your game β†’ Get seen β†’ Make your choice

First Look Programs

Join us in November in the First Look app for a Hitting Group or Bullpen Session where your swing or pitch will be seen and analyzed by four college coaches.

First Look Programs β†’ 

All baseball players that want to be seen now have the opportunity.

Built for you

Designed to help you better understand your performance. First Look helps you track and manage important stats with the tap of a button and coaches can watch your development.

  • Track Your Workouts

    Log your workouts, track your activities, and update your metrics. First Look will then match your metrics to college needs.
  • Know Where You Stand

    How do you measure up against your peers? How do you compare with players at every stage?
  • Develop Your Network

    It's who you know, not what you know, you know? Get known. Follow the players that put in the work. See how they do it and work your way up the leaderboard.


Coaches need as much information on players as they can get in order to make informed decisions.

Give them the look they need.

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  • Leaderboards
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    Create your free account and start entering your data. The more you add the higher likelihood of being seen.

  • FEED

    Follow other players and see their updates. Track your workouts and add your most recent metrics. Show up on a coach watchlist if your metrics match their needs.


    Find out how many colleges are checking you out and how many of their watchlists you've landed on. See how you compare with other players in your grad year. Compete on the leaderboard to be at the top.

  • In-Depth Reports

    Look into your data like never before.

    Available in Premium only.

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    What Our Coaches Say

    "Outstanding concept"

    - Southern Conference Head Baseball Coach

    "Love this idea"

    - ACC Head Baseball Coach

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