Change the game.

Eliminate the boundaries keeping you from being seen by coaches nationally. First Look is built for both players and coaches to succeed. Did we mention it's free?

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Designed to help take you to the next level

  • Player Profile

    Fill out your profile, add your metrics, add links to your videos, and let coaches see your work.

  • Watchlist

    Your data front and center. If your metrics match the needs of a coach your profile is put on their watchlist and they receive a notification.

  • Analytics

    How you stack up against your peers and where you stand with coaches.

  • Education

    Free content on how to improve your game and increase the odds of being seen. Coming soon.

  • Video

    Add video to your metrics to increase your visibility. Unlimited video coming soon.

  • Reports

    Custom reports shared with coaches with deep insights into your game.

  • Predictive Modeling

    Our analytics engine will plot your metrics along our unique data set to compare your progress as a player. Future roadmap.

  • Live Stream

    Stream your workouts or games straight through the First Look app and automatically notify coaches that you're putting in the work. Future roadmap.

  • Daily Workouts

    Keep your profile and metrics up to date with your latest workouts, drills, practices, etc. Coming soon.

In-Depth Reports

Look into your data like never before.

Available in the Premium plan.

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How It Works

Coaches need as much information on players as they can get in order to make informed decisions. Complete your profile and get on their radar.

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    Create profile

    Create your free account and start entering your data. The more you add the higher likelihood of being seen. 

    Don't worry, it's ok to brag.

    Create profile
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    Enter Metrics

    Each coach utilizes their own criteria of metrics for each desired position in a given recruiting year. First Look enables coaches to prioritize specific criteria they desire.

    This is the first step to get on a coach’s watchlist.

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    Now that you have your data in it's time to sit back relax....and get back to work. Keep improving your game and update your stats as necessary. The system will alert coaches that need your skills and add you to their watchlist automatically.

    We'll handle it from here.


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First Look is hard at work developing the next-generation of athletic tracking. Go ahead, take a peek.

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  • Post Activities

    Kill it at practice? Wrap up a tournament? Taking some swings in the cage? Post your activity and let everyone know.

  • Unlimited stats!

    Update your feed with your latest stats, metrics, pictures, and videos for all the world to see.

  • Be social

    Keep your friends close and of course don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. 

  • You Ask — We Tell

    We know you have questions. Good thing we have answers! We're so prepared.

    • What is this all about?

      Players and coaches have similar problems; how do they find each other? Coaches spend thousands of hours in cars, airports and at workouts/showcases just to see a player for the first time. Players spend hard-earned money to join showcases hoping for a chance to be seen.

      There is a new way.

      Coaches can save their time and money on recruiting players they know meet their requirements, as well as focus more on their current roster vs looking for their next wave of players. Players can put their best foot forward and have a chance based on merit, not means.

    • How is this different than a recruiting service?

      First Look IS NOT A RECRUITING SERVICE – we don’t advocate for the player and we don’t call coaches. We provide coaches with the ability to set their recruiting class profiles, detailing the positions they need and the metrics they desire for each position. We provide players the ability to upload data, workouts, video, and statistics. We then provide the technology that enables coaches to receive alerts when players enter the system that meet their profile.

    • Why is this better?

      College Programs can better spend their time and money on the road getting a more in depth look at players they know match their needs with more in-game moments and speaking directly to them after the game.

    • Who is First Look?

      First Look was created by individuals familiar with being recruited, recruiting, and how technology can help bridge gaps. Collectively, we have eight years of playing experience at the Division I level; six years of coaching experience at the Division I and II levels; and over twenty years of experience in the technology space.

      Our mission is simple; to give coaches a First Look at players that may otherwise not be on their radar because players may not have the financial means to get noticed at a Showcase, Camp, or Tournament. Most coaches do not have the time, or financial resources to be everywhere in all corners of the country.

      We believe that once a coach gets the First Look at a player that meets their needs, getting the Player and Program together then becomes more practical and much less expensive. Parents are spending thousands of dollars traveling the country HOPING to get noticed by a Coach that has a need for the skills their child possesses and represents a school that is of interest to their family. There had to be a better way. So we made one.

      Read more here - About Us