First Look Hitting Groups

Join us from September 26th to October 2nd in the First Look app for a hitting group where your swing will be seen and analyzed by four college coaches.

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How It Works

Hitting Groups are a monthly program in the app for players to get tangible feedback on their swing from College Coaches. 

Registered players: 

  1. Upload up to 20 swings in one video using one or a combination of the following hitting types: Batting Practice, Front Toss, Soft Toss and/or Tee.
  2. Upload the video to your feed during the week starting September 26 and ending October 2, 2021. 
  3. Collegiate Coaches working Hitting Groups that month analyze players’ swings and provide feedback in the app the week of October 3-10, 2021.
  4. Each registered player will receive feedback from up to 4 College Coaches for that month’s Hitting Group (Coaches are randomly assigned).
  5. Please note if you have your profile updated with current metrics coaches will see you on their watchlist if your metrics match their criteria as coaches working the Hitting Groups are also users of the platform and have recruiting profiles built for positions of need for each grad year.
  6. Coaches feedback is limited to 500 characters – it will be concise and constructive feedback (not a scouting report), and inline with NCAA bylaws.
  7. Player response back to the coach is not permitted.
  8. Coaches working the Hitting Groups will vary each month.

Participating October Schools

West Chester University • Wake Forest • Lincoln College

Randolph-Macon College • Widener • Lackawanna College

Bucknell University • Bradley University

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  • Wf
  • Lynx
  • Rmc
  • Widener
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  • Bradleyu

4 Simple Steps

Get direct feedback from four college coaches

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    Join the Hitting Group
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    Record 20 swings in one video
  • Step3
    Post your video to First Look
  • Step4
    Get feedback from four college coaches (randomly assigned)
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    October Hitting Group

    Join us September 26 - October 2. Upload your video to the First Look app to have four college coaches analyze your swing and provide direct feedback.