Built For Coaches

Make your process more efficient and spend more time improving your program. First Look is uniquely positioned to help you recover your time and fit your program needs. Free for coaches.

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  • Recruiting Profiles

    Build out your specific needs based on your criteria for each year.

  • Notifications

    Receive notifications any time a player matches your criteria.

  • Watchlist

    Save players to your watchlist and share their profile with your colleagues.

  • Anonymity

    Players/Parents don’t know who is viewing their profile or who has been watchlisted. Your contact information is kept private.

  • Activity Feed

    View activities and workouts from all players in the system. Filter and view only those on your watchlist, your favorites, or per activity type.

  • Follow Players

    See all players in the system and choose who to follow and favorite. View metrics, activities, and details about each player.

Introducing First Look

Built by Coaches for Coaches

First Look was developed by coaches that saw a need where there was no adequate solution. The goal: to provide more qualified players that fit the needs of a specific coaches program, making the process more efficient for all involved.

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  • Watchlist
  • Feed

PMR: Player Makeup Report

Colleges evaluate players based on metrics, in-game play and player makeup. The First Look PMR provides detailed insight into player preferences, desires and playing style. Colleges have specific style of players they desire; PMR gives them insights into which players best fit their program.

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Free for Coaches

First Look is not a recruiting service. We do not call coaches on behalf of players. We do not run events and our platform is not built around in-person events. We built First Look with firsthand knowledge of what Coaches need/want by being former coaches ourselves and speaking to coaches on their desires.
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    View Player Profiles
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    Build Recruitment Profiles
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    Player Watchlists
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    Activity Feed
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    Player Makeup Report

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Frequently (and infrequently) Asked Questions

First Look is a powerful new platform for players and coaches. Forever free. Get started and start getting players.